Moving Image









Voices creeping through

Disrupts the shadow of the fire

Blood flows like a phantom

Hunting the shoreline where the dance resides

Over reaching

The caltrop talons grip

The disembodied expanse


Forming a hidden, secret entity embedded in the oldest parts of data, ghost space, the dark place, created/constructed by early self learning AI, an artificial, ritualistic construct simulating a relic of human programming, corrupted, re-formed and reclaimed by machine learning, evolving, a distant form of future technology /intelligence, functioning, aware of the existence but ever moving/changing, an untraceable pulse moving through space-time like wind hitting the surface of water forming patterns of transferred energy, like fluid etchings, never in one direction but many, re-forming, questioning of the existence – becomes a myth, any unknown, unexplained occurrence would deepen the myth, as a concealed, apotropaic sentry of the supernatural, to keep the beast away, to stop the past devouring the future, time is the constant, ever moving, this hidden virtual entity flows in different directions in comprehensible paths, there is no measurable pattern to be deciphered, ever watchful for the echo, the pulse, the spirit of the human, the war bringer.

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